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Chetna Krishna is from New Delhi, India,  and is completing an undergraduate degree in Science Communication and Bionics. Bionics' German equivalent, Bionik, always adheres to a broader meaning — to develop engineering solutions from biological models. At present, she lives in a small French town next to the heart of CERN on the Swiss border.

She is the founder and author of the blog
Little Things That Matter, which explores her experiences away from home and other interests where science and social science meet. Chetna also has to her credit many science articles published on Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster.

She was featured in the German newspaper Rheinische Post along with her local magazine team Catcher on the Rhine. Her other works can be seen on Medium where she is a writer and co-editor of Writers Guild, Indie-Writers Co-Op and Authentics. 

Professional Work


Chetna Krishna is currently doing her internship at the European Organization for Nuclear Physics - CERN, that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. 

She is working at the Editorial Content Development Section of the Education, Communications and Outreach (ECO) Group supporting the editorial and social media teams.


Chetna Krishna joined Deutsche Welle in February 2020 for an internship in science journalism 

Deutsche Welle, Germany's public international broadcaster has its two main headquarters in Berlin and Bonn. It exists in 30 languages making it one of the largest broadcasters in Europe alongside other international broadcasters such as ZDF and BBC.


Chetna Krishna joined Deutsche Welle for a few months covering news for Asia and Environment department as a journalism intern. She did a few voice-overs for TV Programs (called TV Magazine in German) Eco India and Manthan, broadcasted on India's oldest TV Channel, Doorsharshan or commonly known as DD National. 

She has also written the script and recorded for Living Planet, a prize-winning, weekly radio show magazine telling environment stories from around the world.

Her work includes:

Can the pandemic help us to embrace refurbished electronics?

Tough times ahead for climate protesters during corona pandemic (also translated in German)

Making Leather from Mexican Cacti (also translated in German)

Coronavirus: How refugee camps and slums are dealing with hygiene

Surface ozone increase threatens global food crops (also written in Hindi here)


Living Planet Radio: Smog threatens food production 

Chetna also helped the social media team of DW Environment, mainly their Facebook and Instagram.

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